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On Its 7th Anniversary, Sudan’s Tinderbox Abyei is Aflame

How sad and frightfully ironic.  Seven years to the day since signing the Abyei Protocol with the SPLM,  Sudanese President Bashir’s troops and armed elements have forcibly entered the Abyei region, with civilians running for their lives as SAF forces and … Continue reading

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While You Were Away, Djibouti Had Elections

As the world watched events in Libya, Ivory Coast and Nigeria unfold this past weekend, Djibouti quietly held presidential elections on Friday without much international attention or coverage. And it had all the drama you could think of, making it … Continue reading

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Is the Washington Times Promoting Ignorance & Idiocy On Africa?

Shame on you, Washington Times.  Shame.On.You. Not only do you allow someone with no experience living or working in Africa (hunting doesn’t count) to write an op-ed on Africa, but you allow him to publish some of the most ignorant … Continue reading

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Meet Me at Sadat’s Station

My mind has been racing the past few days.  So many things happening in the world this month.  Sudan’s referendum. Haiti’s earthquake anniversary. Ivory Coast’s chaos. And now today’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a grocery store and fighting … Continue reading

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