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Somaliland, Where One NGO Law Fits All?

Somaliland issued a new NGO law this month to curb NGO activities.  It establishes a legal framework for local and international organizations operating inside their jurisdiction.  It’s a decent attempt to limit the presence of international NGOs, transfer responsibility to local … Continue reading

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Thousands of Somalis Risking Their Lives To Flee Drought

“We heard that you could get free cooked food in some of the districts in Mogadishu…and that is the reason we preferred to reside in Bondhere.” The Horn of Africa is facing an impending drought which is already beginning to … Continue reading

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Egypt Opens Its Borders for Somali Refugees Fleeing Libya

Today, Egypt’s newly formed government announced that it will open its borders and accept Somali refugees who are fleeing Libya. As explained by Somalia’s newly appointed Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed: “Also we discussed the matter with other countries bordering … Continue reading

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The Resilience of Somalia’s Women: A Snapshot

The Horn of Africa has a number of humanitarian, political and economic challenges – but its people are not short of resilience, strength and collective power. As we celebrate International Women’s Day this week, below is a collection of figures that … Continue reading

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Libya Cares About Somalis! No Wait – They Care About Us!

(Note: If you or a refugee or migrant you know needs assistance in Libya, call the UNHCR hotline for refugees & asylum-seekers in Libya  at +218214777503) In the most ironic turn of events, Libya’s political and humanitarian crisis has somehow … Continue reading

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Caught in Cairo: The Horn’s Refugees Struggle for Protection

I received an email yesterday from a blogger in Egypt about the current status of refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan who are caught in between Cairo’s chaos. Egypt is a transit hub for many of the Horn’s refugees. Some … Continue reading

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A Somali Oldie But Goodies: Saado Ali Iyo Beerdilaacshe

A song of love and longing, Saado’s charisma oozes through the screen.  Definitely one of my favorites.  Its fun, flirtatious, happy.  Not too often we see female singers with this kind of personality and flavor anymore.  I guess times have … Continue reading

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This is the last hour of 2010.  Thought I’d get an early start on my New Year’s resolutions. For the longest time, I swore I’d start this writing thing.  Op-eds, blogs, articles, or even a book, I’ve imagined myself as … Continue reading

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