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October 20 – Gadhafi Killed

As news of Ghadafi’s death trickles in, the man’s legacy as an eccentric, brutal and narcissistic dictator will finally end and be left for the history books.  Since the uprising earlier this year, many have tried to understand what his fall would … Continue reading

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Eritrea: Fighting Words of Peace

Interesting interview in Egypt’s Al Ahram Weekly with Eritrea’s president Isaias Afewerki.  On the heels of the Arab Spring, the President of Eritrea shares his views on the source of instability and uprisings in the region, as well as the impending … Continue reading

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On Its 7th Anniversary, Sudan’s Tinderbox Abyei is Aflame

How sad and frightfully ironic.  Seven years to the day since signing the Abyei Protocol with the SPLM,  Sudanese President Bashir’s troops and armed elements have forcibly entered the Abyei region, with civilians running for their lives as SAF forces and … Continue reading

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The Resilience of Somalia’s Women: A Snapshot

The Horn of Africa has a number of humanitarian, political and economic challenges – but its people are not short of resilience, strength and collective power. As we celebrate International Women’s Day this week, below is a collection of figures that … Continue reading

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The Glamorous Gaddafi, Africa’s Gangsta Fashionista

There’s just so much to say when it comes to Colonel Muamar Gaddafi’s style of dress.  Where do you begin? Is it fashion? Is it flair?  Or is it some type of desperado-meets-dictator faux pas? Just as his agenda in the Middle … Continue reading

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Karibu, Well Come, Pleasant Journey – African Advertising at Its Finest

This weekend, I had the chance to leave town and drive a few hours away to visit family friends in the central part of Kenya.  For so many reasons, I love taking long drives when I’m in Africa because its … Continue reading

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If Libya’s Gadhafi Goes – What’s Next for Africa?

As events continue to unfold in Libya, questions are quickly arising about what Gadhafi’s departure will mean for Sub Saharan Africa.  During the course of his forty-one (41!) year rule, Gadhafi has gone out of his way to redefine his … Continue reading

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The Power of Twitter in Africa: Sudan, Ivory Coast, Tunisia & Nigeria

“The Revolution Will be Tweeted.” – One of today’s tweets after what’s been a very busy week in Africa. #Sudan #Nigeria #Ivory Coast #Tunisia The power of Twitter is simply amazing when you look at what’s happened this week in … Continue reading

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Tunisia Reaction in Washington, DC

Big day in Tunisia. Government has been overthrown after days of protest. Prime Minister replaces President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, as reports confirm he has fled the country. Just managed to snap this picture of a protest group in … Continue reading

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Sudan 365 – Every Day, All Day

Did you know? Sudan’s referendum will officially kick off in less than an hour. And the global Sudan365 campaign has been telling you for over a year now – through beats, tunes, and the most delicious drum beat you will … Continue reading

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