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On Its 7th Anniversary, Sudan’s Tinderbox Abyei is Aflame

How sad and frightfully ironic.  Seven years to the day since signing the Abyei Protocol with the SPLM,  Sudanese President Bashir’s troops and armed elements have forcibly entered the Abyei region, with civilians running for their lives as SAF forces and … Continue reading

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Could Africa’s History Repeat Itself?

Sound familiar? The news was startling.  Army coups! It looked serious, although we had no details.  Barely a week ago – Zanzibar.  Today already, the whole of East Africa! Clearly, the continent was entering a period of disturbances, revolts, takeovers. … Continue reading

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Referendum in South Sudan: Juba’s Jubilation, Abyei’s Pain

“I’m not going backward, I’m moving forward, forward to freedom.” – Southern Sudanese voters in Cairo, Egypt (Source: Reuters Africa) Jubilation. Euphoria.  Joy. Hope. Freedom. Those are some of the words Southern Sudanese used to describe the elation they felt … Continue reading

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Sudan 365 – Every Day, All Day

Did you know? Sudan’s referendum will officially kick off in less than an hour. And the global Sudan365 campaign has been telling you for over a year now – through beats, tunes, and the most delicious drum beat you will … Continue reading

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Meet Me at Sadat’s Station

My mind has been racing the past few days.  So many things happening in the world this month.  Sudan’s referendum. Haiti’s earthquake anniversary. Ivory Coast’s chaos. And now today’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a grocery store and fighting … Continue reading

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“Juba’s fever is rising, the eve of self-determination is upon us!” – Text I just received from colleague in Juba, South Sudan, January 8, 2011

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