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Sudan 365 – Every Day, All Day

Did you know? Sudan’s referendum will officially kick off in less than an hour. And the global Sudan365 campaign has been telling you for over a year now – through beats, tunes, and the most delicious drum beat you will … Continue reading

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Sudan’s Struggles: Lessons for Africa?

Just ahead of Sudan’s historic referendum, Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim, founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, issued an op-ed, “Sudan Is  A Warning to All of Africa“.   From Egypt, to the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Ivory Coast, to Ethiopia, … Continue reading

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1 January, 2011 05:40

So let’s see if I can post blogs from my blackberry…. S

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This is the last hour of 2010.  Thought I’d get an early start on my New Year’s resolutions. For the longest time, I swore I’d start this writing thing.  Op-eds, blogs, articles, or even a book, I’ve imagined myself as … Continue reading

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