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On Its 7th Anniversary, Sudan’s Tinderbox Abyei is Aflame

How sad and frightfully ironic.  Seven years to the day since signing the Abyei Protocol with the SPLM,  Sudanese President Bashir’s troops and armed elements have forcibly entered the Abyei region, with civilians running for their lives as SAF forces and … Continue reading

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Eritrea: Africa’s Newest Country Turns 20 Years Old Today!

From the Italians, to the British, to the Ethiopians, Eritrea is a country that’s withstood various forms of colonization, including from its African neighbor to the south, Ethiopia.  Through the struggle, it forged its own identity, rooted in a rich diversity … Continue reading

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Somaliland, Where One NGO Law Fits All?

Somaliland issued a new NGO law this month to curb NGO activities.  It establishes a legal framework for local and international organizations operating inside their jurisdiction.  It’s a decent attempt to limit the presence of international NGOs, transfer responsibility to local … Continue reading

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