Thousands of Somalis Risking Their Lives To Flee Drought

“We heard that you could get free cooked food in some of the districts in Mogadishu…and that is the reason we preferred to reside in Bondhere.”

The Horn of Africa is facing an impending drought which is already beginning to show its signs in Somalia.  The UN recently warned that 2.4 million people are in need of emergency food and water, with more than 50,000 people already displaced due to the drought.

In Mogadishu, reports of deaths resulting AWD (acute watery diarrhea if you really must know what it stands for) have surfaced.  The local Saajid Hospital noted a 25% increase in their AWD cases in the first half of March alone.

Still, thousands of families in South Central Somalia are risking their lives, traveling far distances from their hard-hit villages, to reach Mogadishu in the hopes of finding some food and clean water.  Amidst ongoing fighting and conflict, with little means or protection, families are arriving to Mogadishu to find already overcrowded displacement camps. This recent piece from Channel 16 shows some of the efforts that are currently underway in Somalia.


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