Is the Washington Times Promoting Ignorance & Idiocy On Africa?

Shame on you, Washington Times.  Shame.On.You.

Not only do you allow someone with no experience living or working in Africa (hunting doesn’t count) to write an op-ed on Africa, but you allow him to publish some of the most ignorant and racist comments I’ve ever seen.

Well bravo Washington Times! You’ve just managed to promote more ignorance, more idiocy and more fear to your readers and the rest of the world! Rocker musician Ted Nugent may be a outspoken Tea Party member, defender of gun rights and yes, a legendary artist.  But one thing he is not is someone who is knowlegeable enough to speak about Africa and its challenges.   Don’t believe me?

“I get to hunt Africa every year and without the steaks and the guts from the antelope, many African societies would have vanished already. The lunatic fringe is people in extreme denial.”

Genocide is a way of life [in Africa].

Apartheid isn’t that cut and dry. All men are not created equal.

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My problem isn’t with Nugent – he’s entitled to share his uninformed and unintelligible opinions.  Its the Washington Times that I’m mad at – for reducing journalism to this shoddy ranting and promoting such shameless ignorance:

Africa isn’t called the Dark Continent for no reason. Africa has forever been a politi- cal nightmare full of overt corruption, tribal warfare, genocide, murderous regimes and brutal dictators.

There is no country in Africa that truly respects freedom or the rule of law. The majority of countries in Africa are in economic ruin because of political corruption and a history ugly with cruel despotism. That’s why starvation and disease are rampant. AIDS is projected to kill as much as half the populations of some countries. Genocide is a way of life. There is little light in Africa.

Africa is an international scab.  Once we swat one of these African cockroaches or intervene in their civil war, where do we stop?

Now in the interest of minimizing traffic to the Times’ website, I refuse to publish the rest of Nugent’s op-ed or give you the link.  But I can only draw two conclusions about their decision to post this incredibly lunatic piece of work:

  1. The Times cares less about informing its readers and more about inciting them, and
  2. Is the lamest attempt at gunning for celebrity activism a-la Tea-Partier style (pun intended)

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