Meet Me at Sadat’s Station

My mind has been racing the past few days.  So many things happening in the world this month.  Sudan’s referendum. Haiti’s earthquake anniversary. Ivory Coast’s chaos.

And now today’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a grocery store and fighting between the Misseriya & Dinka erupted into deadly violence in Abyei killing 19 just before the referendum.

What is with all the violence and polarity?  Where did all the moderates go? Why aren’t they being heard?  What happened to our leadership, in US politics, in Africa – that we’ve become so polarized? So hateful? So violent? Its too much.  Is there anyone who can bring us back to the center?

Messengers of Peace

At the Sadat subway station in Cairo, Egypt. Sadat means "Peace".

I grew up fascinated by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Read everything I could get my hands on. From Herzl & the Balfour Declaration to Golda Meier and the PLO, I couldn’t believe how both sides had endured such pain yet held on to the promises of their people, their faith.

Then I discovered the Camp David Accords & Anwar Sadat. A dark-skinned Egyptian, an African and an Arab, he commanded the world’s attention with his passion, charisma and determination. Sadat pushed the envelope and challenged the belief that peace with the Jews was impossible.Other voices united with him against the pressure and staggering hatred. Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, and President Jimmy Carter, and countless Arabs and Jews gave their lives to a message of tolerance, peace, dialogue, and forgiveness.

Sudan & the US: Where Are Our Peacemakers?
With the death of Dr. John Garang in 2005, Sudan lost its moderate leader and visionary peacemaker who had the best chance of making the CPA a reality into a “New Sudan”. America is so nonsensically polarized, Sarah Palin & the Tea Party see nothing wrong with issuing calls to “Reload” and use maps with crosshair targets against moderates and progressives.

It will take years to return to some measure of tolerance again. Sigh. Where’s our Sadat for today’s world?


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I think about the Horn of Africa all day - Somalia Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, you name it. Follow me for news, travel logs, blog posts & random thoughts & rants.
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