This is the last hour of 2010.  Thought I’d get an early start on my New Year’s resolutions.

For the longest time, I swore I’d start this writing thing.  Op-eds, blogs, articles, or even a book, I’ve imagined myself as a leading voice on all things Africa, about the continent and its people. In my head you see, I’m a brilliant, persuasive, and unique writer with captivating and thoughtful pieces on Africa, its people, wars and politics, the diaspora, music, and everything in between.

Just one problem…I’ve never found the courage to actually write.

You see, in reality, I work on African affairs every day, usually in positions where its too difficult to write in your own name, unless you go through incredible red tape.  So at the office, I can whip that memo, report, or speech together on a Horn of Africa country as expected.  But the thought of writing something all on my own is stressful, terrifying even.  The fear (FEAR) of using my own voice paralyzed me. The fear of what others would think stopped me short from saying anything.

But after traveling back and forth to East Africa for well over half my life, I have too many thoughts, incredible experiences and moments captured in random notebooks, emails and diary entries.  On the plane.  In the taxi.  At home.  At a cafe.  Why should I keep them to myself? Its high time I start sharing if you ask me.

So I’m finally taking the plunge.  Coming here to write a few sentences a day on what’s going on in Africa and the world.  Expect to see random posts like this one where I’m sharing as I go.  Also, more thoughtful pieces on the Horn of Africa, African affairs, US policy, and the African diaspora.  Since I’m always on the go, I might share a quote from the field, or pictures of my travels.  But either way, Saha is here and I’ve got Something About the Horn of Africa. I hope you like it.

Happy New Year!



About Sahafrica

I think about the Horn of Africa all day - Somalia Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, you name it. Follow me for news, travel logs, blog posts & random thoughts & rants.
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